Moe’s Notes


Moe's Notes is a multimedia note recorder, editor and organizer for creative and/or busy people. You can save audio, an image or video, text, tags, and GPS coordinates in each note. You can edit, sort and search for notes in various ways, then email them or upload them to Facebook.

Use Moe's Notes to:
• Capture audio/visual/textual ideas
• Make to-do, shopping, appointment lists
• Record lectures, speeches, business meetings
• Take photos and videos with geolocation data
• Assist in your journalism or blogging
• Quickly compose email with audio, image, and video
• Organize your notes with tags

Use Moe's Notes instead of other note-taking apps because only it has:
• Audio waveform display
• Variable-speed audio playback
• Audio, image, video editing
• Quick, easy tagging
• Emailing more than one note at once
• Uploading video to Facebook
• Searching by date with calendar UI
• Searching by location with Google map

Click here to install.

General features:
• All notes can contain audio, image, video, text, tag, date, and GPS data
• Notes are fully accessible even when there is no internet connection
• Note list is sortable by name, date, location, longitude, latitude
• Batch commands, to edit or send many notes at once
• All screens work in portrait and landscape orientations
• Six different start-up modes, to suit your style

Audio features (iPod with microphone or iPhone):
• Record up to 2 1/2 hours on iPhone 3GS, 55 minutes on other devices
• Record at up to 44.1KHz (except iPhone 2G)
• Full-featured audio editor:
- waveform display while recording, playing, and editing
- touch-and-drag positioning of record/playback position
- 3 record modes - replace, insert, mix-in
- variable speed playback
- editing commands - volume, trim, strip silence, reverse

Image/photo features:
• Images from the camera (iPhone only) or Photo Album, saved full-resolution
• Full-screen, scrollable, zoomable display
• Extensive editing - crop, change brightness, draw box, resize

Video features (3GS only):
• Capture at 3 different quality levels
• Editing (system 3.1 only)
• Capture thumbnail image

Text features:
• Portrait or Wide keyboard
• Automatic detection of phone numbers, email addresses, URLs

Tagging features:
• Choose tags from button grid (no endless re-typing)
• Suitable for GTD-style organization

Searching/Filtering features:
• by text - can specify which text data to match
• by tags - select from button grid (no typing)
• by date - select dates on calendar pages
• by location - draw box on map

GPS features:
• Location stored automatically when note created
• Location can be updated
• Automatic conversion to textual location descriptions

Email features:
• Email one or several notes at once
• Choose the files you want to attach
• Set default recipient lists
• Send messages in the background

Upload to Facebook features:
• Upload one or several notes at once
• Upload text, images, and (3GS only) videos

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